In Boston of 2012 I had shifted from a large body of abstract expressionist works to ‘floral’ painting – a new series that was listed, first, as Gardens Imagined and later as Plant Life. The very first painting was created as a birthday gift for my wife. The subject became addictive, yet the abstract works continued to inform. Instead of approaching flowers as 'still-life' I charged canvas space with the energy of those previous abstract paintings by imagining a life-giving cosmos, attempting to blur the lines between things large and small (pollen and planets). I considered the close-up experience of blossoming, the petals being forced beyond the ability of ocular focus, imagined flowers blurring into a wild spasm of vision ~ evoking fragrance and memory. Ultimately, these works were exhibited on four occasions in gallery spaces in Boston and once at the CVPA University Art Gallery in in Downtown New Bedford. Many of these 'florals' are now in private collections.

Then we moved to Westport in 2016 - to Old Harbor Road on the sublime West Branch River - into a wild place - a serene place, and I was head over heels and the space opened up and begged to be treated to canvas. It was as if I had foretold, in the Boston paintings, the essence of the natural experiences now before me. The imaginary flowers became a smaller part of these larger scenes (no competition for the trees), but the floral and the previous abstract paintings teamed together to inform my process once again - now giving way to observation of Westport's primordial views - painting from life more directly yet 'designing' into it all a sort of wildness in addition - a subtle fiction.

Using specialized acrylic polymer techniques including impasto, mixed-media and oils, I aim to continue my studies of 19th & 20th Century objects in my humble attempt to create a lineage between and/or hybrid post-impressionist style from such masterworks. The focus of Westport as my subject is at its origin yet will drive a much larger body of landscapes to come. I will have more than a dozen paintings on exhibit in my barn-now-studio this Summer (2018). My intention is to represent the three leaves of the process described above as an introduction to what is now The Westport Wilds.

 ~ March, 2018