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James Alan Edwards

Broadly published, professor of art and accomplished curator, James Alan Edwards has been quietly building a body of intensely personal paintings over the past decade. Edwards utilizes the well-honed methods of his former career as an illustrator along with in-depth research into earlier styles to produce stunning representations of the natural world.

With the focus of the South Coast of New England as my current subject, laced with recollections from world travel, I employ acrylic polymer techniques, impasto, mixed-media, watercolor and oils to create a hybridization of abstraction and realism; poetry and literalism, post-impressionism and neo-expressionism to conjure a sense of memory and ‘presence of being’ in nature - to create both an ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ experience for the beholder.

In addition to these efforts, Edwards continues to extend his exploration of numerous visual languages as applied to portraiture and pure abstraction, from prehistorical examples to the avant garde.